You've seen the movies.

Now it's your turn to take action!


Draw a Picture, Based on any of the Movies

Pen and ink or color. Whatever you want. Have your teacher scan it and send it to us. We'll post it in the "Art Gallery." You can go there and see all kinds of art created by others like you.


Historical Fiction

Take the history you learned and write a short story, using history and one or more of the characters. You can make up any story you want. If you combine your fiction with history, it's called "historical fiction." Have fun. What about the story of a little boy and girl who snuck down to the University of Alabama in the summer of 1963 to hide in a tree and watch the stand in the schoolhouse door? Have fun with the story. Make it up.


Write a Poem

...About the characters or story from one of the movies.


Write a Storybook

...Imagine you are writing a storybook (picture book with story) for little kids. Draw pictures and write a story to go with the pictures. It can be a true story of history, or historical fiction, which means you made part of it up.


Write a Song

...Any song you want! Watch a movie. What song does it inspire? Write it, record it, and send it to us.


Write an essay

...On the history you saw in the movie.


Make up a test

Watch a movie and write a test -- multiple choice, essay, true/false, or anything you want. Be creative. We will make your test available to teachers all over the state. Watch a movie. If you were taking a test on that movie, what kinds of questions would you like to be asked?

Make a Power Point Presentation

...About the history of your community, or about the history you are studying in the classroom. All it takes is a simple digital camera (not a camcorder) a script, and students to tell the story. It's easy.


Make a movie about the history of your own community

It does not have to be big. It could be about one tiny bit of your community history, like a covered bridge or a story about your historical railroad station or a person from your community. If you feel you don't have the video tools to make a movie, you could tell your story in a Power Point presentation.

All your projects, from short stories, to art, to your movie or Power Point, can be put on our website so other students from across the state can see your work.

Don't just watch movies. Take action!

To learn more, ask your teacher to contact us at

It's a great way to share your work, see the work of others, learn history, and meet fellow writers, artists, musicians and movie makers across the state.

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